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The next-generation step stool that caters to the WHOLE family.


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Made of 100% FSC-Certified wood: for responsible use of nature's resources

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Changing the way families of all sizes engage everyday.

Our Founder's Story

As a mother of two, I believe that the most valuable part of life is family time. I've learned that the secret to changing "time spent together" into "sweet memories" is to simplify the tedious routines of everyday life.

That is why I created the Next-Step Stool. The first customizable product in its class, it prioritizes function by adapting to your family’s ever-changing needs. So, daily life tasks become easier and enjoyable for everyone, creating more quality family interactions. All without compromising on style.

Experience the safer, better step up.

Ready set go

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How It Works

How to install and use the Next-Step Stool to simplify your family's life.

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Next-Step Stool

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Combining fashion with function, the Next-Step Stool offers a sleek, sturdy, and safe step stool that checks all the boxes. Crafted using 100% FSC-certified wood and compliant with CPSC and ASTM regulations, it is the perfect step stool that offers both practicality and comfort for any user.

  • Attach to the 2 hooks to the top of a cabinet door for a higher level of safety during use
  • Height-adjustable to fit a door of almost any height
  • Choose to use 1 or 2 steps as needed, on demand

Ideal for everyday use in the kitchen, bathroom, closet, or almost any room.

Such a cool and useful product! I always see the bulky kid stools that are only for kids... I love that the Next-Step Stool can be used for adults too!

Kyley M. Happy Customer

Really love this step stool. I was not sure it was worth the money, but it has made my life so much easier now. It's so convenient, I use it in practically every room of the house. I am NEVER going back to the other step stools I tried in the past.

Zara H. Happy Customer

I am SUPER happy about buying this. As a mom of a 3 year old and a 5 year old, I’ve been so frustrated with a good option. I’ve tried all other toddler towers, but this fits my family's lifestyle the best. Love it!

Stefanie R. Happy Customer

Minimal footprint

De-cluttering your everyday.

Tired of those clunky, mammoth-sized toddler towers always getting in the way of daily life?

We made the Next-Step Stool 50% lighter and only 4 INCHES DEEP when fully folded.

We call it the "space-saving effect:" that open, clutter-free feeling, even in those tight spaces.

Your TOES will thank you!

Patent-pending customizable design

A comfortable reach for everyone. Every time.

The Next-Step Stool is so versatile, you can CHOOSE whether to use 1 or 2 steps at a time, as you need it.

That makes it ideal for:

  • One child as he/she grows
  • Multiple children of different ages
  • Adults of any height

Our customizable design = a better step stool experience for everyone!

Our next step: the bigger mission

Making a difference in the world.

  • We use only 100% FSC-certified wood, for a more responsible use of our resources
  • We pledge to donate at least 5% of all profits to charities and organizations aligned with similar missions

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