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Product Questions

Why is the Next-Step Stool made of wood?

We believe that the most-used products in your house should be an extension of your home. Just like the wooden cabinets in your kitchens and bathrooms, we wanted to continue that warm, cozy feel with the Next-Step Stool. We think it is more inviting than those industrial metal step stools that definitely DON'T feel like home!

Why is the expected shipping date so far away?

Because we are a small business launching its FIRST ever product, our processes are not as fast as big companies...yet. We take pride in our rigorous testing and detailed production, so we can deliver the best product to you. Trust us, it is worth the wait!

Which colors are available for the Next-Step Stool?

Right now, we only offer one color: light grey. But stay tuned, because more colors will be launched as our business grows! Our customers and followers will help us choose the next colors, so make sure you sign up for email updates!

Shipping questions

When will my product ship?

Well, that depends. Once our first product order reaches the warehouse by July 30th, we expect to ship out orders within 1 to 2 business days.

As online consumers ourselves, we know the agony of waiting once you hit that 'order' button! That is why we do our best to get your items to the postal courier by the next business day, so you don't have to wait! That said, when sales or the holidays hit, we may take an extra day or two. 

What is your returns policy?

Please see our Returns and Exchanges section for more information.

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