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Our Story

About the company

What We Do and Why

Aha! Solutions, Inc., manufactures solutions to real, repetitive problems in the real world and daily life by designing and producing unique customer products.

Because routine tasks can become complicated, we have been working to build valuable and ingenious products to ease your family's lives since 2019.

A note from the founder

A successful female entrepreneur once said, "The true moment you become an entrepreneur is when you are looking for something that doesn't exist."

This is exactly what happened in my situation. Although a pharmacist by profession, I started my business after becoming a mother, developing a passionate desire to make my family's daily life simpler and smoother.

The Story Behind the Brand

The "daily grind" for all my family members was complicated and cumbersome, especially for my two young children, who needed a step stool for daily tasks up to 10 times per day!

While looking for the perfect step stool that optimized safety and practicality for my kids AND for myself, I discovered a large gap in the step stool market.

A Simple Solution

When my search came up with no results, I knew I had to create the solution, and hence, the Next-Step Stool was born and began to grow, turning the dream I had for my own family into a business reality. 

Now, families around the world are loving the Next-Step Stool, and I hope your family does too!

Happy growing,
Sara Hasan
Founder and CEO


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