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Next-Step Stool: Coming Soon!

We are striving to solve the constant hassle of using step stools by offering our customers one reliable, adjustable, and easily stow-able product.

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Mom-designed, family approved.

See the 4 reasons why 90% of people prefer the Next-Step Stool over others!


Making accessibility possible for all, while focusing on safety.

The Next-Step Stool is the first adaptable product in its class that is stylish and compact without compromising safety. It is the ONLY step stool that can grow with you:

-for one child as he/she grows;

-for a family with 2 or more kids of different ages;

-for adults to reach any overhead space as needed! 

2. Safety is Amplified....

Each step is 100% obstacle-free, allowing the lower step to be so much more useful.

Do you or your older child only need to use the lower step at times? With the Next-Step Stool, there is no need to worry about safety concerns from standing at a distance when using the lower step, like in other stools. Why? Because whether you use 1 or 2 steps, you will have a fully usable, secure platform with NO awkward, wasted space between you and your desired area of reach. Come up-close and personal like never before!

3. Compactible for Safety.

When in the fully stowed position, it is only 4 inches in depth!

Designed to be non-obstructive to its environment, with its minimal collapsed footprint, the Next-Step Stool lives right where you need it, when you need it. Its unique, foldable design keeps it accessible yet out the way. The danger of tripping and stubbing your toes over bulky stools is completely eliminated!

Simply secure the Next-Step Stool to your cabinet door, fold down the steps one at a time, or fold them up when not in use.

It’s the most compact and convenient option available!

4. Secure & Adaptable:

Anti-Tipping Design, using over-the-door hooks to fit any cabinet door.

By securing the hooks to any cabinet door, the Next-Step stool minimizes the hazard of the stool tipping over and causing injury. Experience 90° of additional safety with the Next-Step Stool when compared to other products!

The Next-Step Stool has been carefully designed to work with existing cabinetry of varying size and height. Because of its unique design and adaptability...

Nearly 90% of people preferred the Next-Step Stool over standard step stools.

Best of all, there is NO assembly required!

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3-4!

How does the Next-Step Stool 'stack up' to its competitors?

Coming Soon... to suit your personality, and your home!

See what our market test users think about the Next-Step Stool:

I would use it because I am short and often have trouble reaching tall places. I think this solves a problem and like that I don't have to lower both steps. I also think the steps look steeper which is great for stability... This is something I would buy.

Happy Client ★★★★★

Yes, I would buy, It would be used for both, personal use and for my children. I am petite and short in stature, I am always having difficulties reaching for stuff especially in my closet and kitchen, with my kids becoming more independent and wanting to do more stuff themselves, the step stool will be used religiously.

Happy Client ★★★★★

I like that this option folds up and is a space saver. It looks like it can be tucked in and stored in smaller spaces to save room and would be great for all spaces. It also appears to go well with a multitude of decor.

Happy Client ★★★★★

When given 2 options for purchase, Option A (the Next-Step Stool) and Option B (a competitor product), one user stated that the Next-Step Stool is "the option I would automatically add to my basket and purchase. I have option B (competitor stool), and it's such a bulky out of place, I have hit my toes so many times, that I am wanting to get rid of it immediately. Option A gives me the option of hiding and ensuring that the pathway is clear and away from me tripping over.... [it] allows me to have control, I am not stuck like option B.

Happy Client ★★★★★